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Getting started with Woolet Application

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

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March is upon us, and more and more Woolet shipments are leaving our headquarters almost every day. Most of you have already received your orders. In response to your feedback we have prepared a few instructional videos and responded to frequently-asked-questions . We hope that you will find them useful.



How does the Woolet App work?

As we said before in a previous post, “Take a look at The Woolet App” the essential feature is the Woolet App. It is extremely crucial, as it simply connects your smartphone with the wallet. All you need to do is download the Woolet App for free from iTunes or Google Play. Windows Phone users, don’t worry. As promised, our team of developers will deliver the App for your devices as well. The Windows 10 update delayed the process a bit, but the app is on its way!




The next step is to connect your smartphone to the Internet and turn on the Bluetooth connection. Place your Woolet on the top of the phone, and the two devices will synchronize. Now, you will never lose your wallet ever again. You will be able to find it quickly in a messy room just before you leave. The app shows the approximate distance between you and your Woolet. It also howls if your wallet is out of reach in public places.


What if your Woolet does not synchronize?

First, make sure your Woolet is charged. If it’s not recognized by the application, please put the Woolet on a charging pad – if it makes a “beep” sound, it is working but is not charged. Leave it on the charger for two hours, and then try again. To learn more about charging your Woolet, read the “How do I recharge my Woolet?” section below.

If that doesn’t help, please turn the application off from Task Manager, turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, then turn them back on and open the application. Restarting the phone might also help.

If the Woolet still can’t be reached by the application, depending on your platform:


  1. Android
  • Please download nRF Master Control Panel from the Google Play store.
  •  Wait until scanning is complete.
  • If you see the Woolet here, but still cannot connect from the app – contact us.
  • If you don’t see the Woolet, your electronics may be damaged. Contact us so we can send you a replacement.




  1. iOS
  • Please download LightBlue Explorer – Bluetooth Low Energy from the App Store.
  • Wait until scanning is complete.
  • If you see the Woolet here, but still cannot connect from the app – contact us.
  • If you don’t see the Woolet, your electronics may be damaged. Contact us so we can send you a replacement.




Apple Watch notifications

Notifications are shown on an Apple Watch only when the Watch is on your wrist and your phone screen is locked. But please note that, due to limitations of the WatchOS platform, the watch will show you notifications only from your phone, so it will measure the distance between the Woolet and the phone, not the Watch.


New Android version

We’ve recently updated the Android app with fixes for common bugs that had been causing the app to crash for some users. We’ve had some feedback from users and are currently working on fixing the bug that may lead to some users not getting a notification when their Woolet is not within range of the mobile phone. If something like this has happened to you, please let us know and stay tuned for further updates!





How do I recharge my Woolet?

As far as charging is concerned, after a long and exhausting battle between the electronics and our engineers, our team has come up with the most efficient solution. Woolet batteries are charged wirelessly on charging pads. The notification on the phone shows up as soon as wallet hits the pad. You can see this simple mechanism in the video below.



You don’t have to worry about frequently charging your wallet. We ran several tests, and the results showed that the lifespan of the battery is extremely long: up to few months!

Hand-made and especially designed to match the colour of the chosen Woolet, the charging pad is available to purchase from our online store. It is also possible to use the Woolet charging pad for other wirelessly chargeable units – it will work as good as any. If you already own a wireless charging pad, it will work with Woolet as long as it is QI compatible.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding either the Woolet App or charging pads, please let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Your valuable opinions give us hints on how to upgrade our Woolet ecosystem.



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