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Always remember to charge your Woolet

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

charging pad

In this post we are going to focus on a very crucial Woolet accessory: the Woolet Charging Pad.

You may ask why it is it so important. Well, the lifespan of Woolet’s battery is long: up to six months. But eventually, the battery is going to run flat. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace it with an expensive or hard-to-find substitute. The Woolet battery is rechargeable and you will need this smart accessory to pump some power into it.  It will allow you to charge not only your Woolet but also other QI-compatible devices, for example mobile phones.

 You can purchase both black and brown Charging Pads in our on-line shop.


Easy to use

The Charging Pad is extremely easy to use. To recharge the Woolet, place the whole device, or the battery itself, on the top of the charging pad. Make sure that the “W” logo is on the upper side. The electronics will make a little “bleep” sound to notify you that the charging has started. Sometimes you need to gently move the battery around the pad to get it connected. After two or three hours your Woolet is all set and ready to use. The Woolet charging pad uses QI inductive charging technology, which means you don’t need to attach a charging cable between the charger and the device when you want to use it. The only cable you need is the USB cable attached to the energy source (e.g. laptop). Say goodbye to tangled wires!

Classy accessory

To maintain the integrity of the Woolet ecosystem we have designed charging pads to match other products: smart wallets, Key Finders and Phone Covers. The pad is covered in the same high-quality, slick black or suede brown leather as the Woolet itself. It’s a classy addition to your workplace on your desk or nightstand.


Some technical details then:

  • colour: black or brown
  • material: calf leather
  • stitching: red
  • dimensions: 170 x 103 x 7 mm (6,69 x 4,06 x 0,28 inches)
  • QI inductive charging standard
  • USB powered
  • cable: USB – microUSB
  • designed in Poland


 You can purchase both black and brown Charging Pads in our on-line shop.


charging pad


Additional info for Kickstarter Backers

Dear Backers! We’ve received news from the manufacturer that the charging pads you have ordered via Kickstarter are finally on their way. If you ordered one and haven’t receive it yet, please write to with your name and, surname, and the e-mail address you used on Kickstarter. They’ll give you all the information you need.

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