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The Woolet Windows App is almost ready

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on


That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you: the Woolet App for Windows Phones is almost done!

As you probably remember, our first stretch goal during the Kickstarter campaign was to develop a version of the Woolet App for Windows Phones. Not all wearables are covering this operating system, but we thought that Windows users should not be neglected. We decided that our product should be suitable for your smart phone, not the other way round.


Final adjustments

We wish we could have brought this app out earlier, but our developer team met unexpected troubles with programming the app. Everything was originally ready for a Windows 8 version, but after the Windows 10 update came out our tests showed, that the Woolet App couldn’t be easily adjusted to the new operating system’s upgrade.

We faced a dilemma: either we released an app to deliver it faster to our Windows Phone backers with a high possibility of ugly bugs, or we waited a bit longer and tried to work out solutions to errors that occurred along the way. We decided not to compromise on quality to release a flawless version that all of us will be happy with.

Curiosity maybe killed the cat, but it won’t hurt to have a little peek inside the app, right?








We need you!

As we’ve mentioned before your satisfaction is our success – that’s why we’ve decided to hand the Woolet Windows App over to you, our future users. We are looking for few testers of the upcoming app. We would like you know your opinion about design, clarity, ease of use, etc. Would you like to be among the first to try the Woolet Windows App and share your experience with us?  If you already have a Woolet already and access to a Windows Phone with either Windows 8 or 10, please write to (subject: WINDOWS APP TEST). Your opinion will be the last step in the app development and will allow us to finally introduce the Woolet Windows App to the world.


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