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Woolet is a response to needs of the modern man

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

Some months ago we decided to solve one often recurring problem. Our friend Teodor- was constantly forgetting his wallet. Almost every visit to a restaurant finished the same way: he had to return and retrieve his belongings.

There is a certain pleasure in making things that are actually useful. While we were making our first sketches, we knew that Woolet had to be special. We could not even imagine our friend with an ugly, weird-looking wallet. There was no question about it!

On 25th of February we started our campaign on Kickstarter. After many hours in the engineering laboratory and at the tanner, Woolet was finally ready to meet the wider audience.

We planned to achieve $15,000. Surprisingly, it took us only 36 hours to reach our goal. The next few days were total madness. Woolet was mentioned as the most popular project in the Technology section, several dozens publications appered appeared on the Web, and what’s most important, you have shown us that what we’re doing is important to you.

The Kickstarter counter is still changing, but while as I write this, we have 1,621 backers, who have pledged a total of $202,628. Thanks for your support! We have achieved almost all the stretch goals. Support for Windows Phone, Woolet for Apple Watch, Travel Woolet XL, Woolet Extreme, Wireless Charging and Woolet featuring Pebble are soon going to hit the market!

Once again, thank you for all the support! Right now, we’re giving you Woolet. This is only the beginning of the story, because we are thinking about a complete ecosystem of the products, that protect everythig valuable to you. Soon, there will be further news about this, so stay tuned!



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