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Why disrupt the wallet now?

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

The Wallet has been around for centuries, as a fashion item and means to carry cash, cards, and other essentials. It has barely changed for hundreds of years, until now.

Apart from the addition of multiple card slots, the wallet hasn’t changed much in centuries since the start of the circulation of paper currency in seventeenth century Europe. The Massachusetts Bay Colony then introduced the wallet to North America in 1690, so that the colonies could claim to be as fashionable as civilised society back in London and the old world capitals.

The most common kinds of wallets are Bi-folds (cash is folded once) and Tri-folds, which allow for the storage of even more cards. They’re made of leather or another kind of material. Go back in time to the 1950s, and you’ll find men carrying wallets that wouldn’t look out of place with modern fashions.

So why is there an explosion in wearable device wallets, also known as the Wallet 2.0?

There have been dozens of wallets promoted on crowd-funding websites, with several raising hundreds of thousands each for the first production batch.

The HuMn, for example, raised $295,402 on Kickstarter in 2012. It comes in a range of different materials, plus RFID blocking capabilities – that means your cards are even more secure from hackers.
The Ridge also blocks RFID signals and raised $266,622 on Kickstarter in 2013.
Most recently, Big Skinny Wallets raised $158,583 on Kickstarter, from a goal of $22,000.

People are carrying less cash, especially coins, which many older style wallets also make room for. People are also carrying more cards. Hackers and cyber-criminals are more ambitious when it comes to trying to steal our money and identities, which can be stopped using RFID blocking technology.

Apart from those who favour more specialist, high-tech materials, most of these new wallets are aiming for a traditional look and feel.

We’ve recently launched our RFID blocking, handcrafted leather wallet, called Woolet. Join over 1,600 backers who are supporting us on Kickstarter to create the ultimate wallet to keep men’s most essential belongings safe.



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