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What comes next?

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

Very soon we will release further information that should be a good guide for every client, especially from Kicksktarter. Today, we have put together the most common questions and will provide some answers.

1) Is Woolet Extreme delaying our shipments? What will Woolet Extreme look like? When can we order Woolet Extreme?
In the last few days, Woolet Extreme has caused many questions. Some of you wanted to know its dimensions, functions and so on. Please forgive us for not providing satisfactory information, but for now it’s simply impossible. The reason is that we have to manage all the challenges with the standard Woolet and campaign gadgets to deliver it on time. Woolet Extreme is a totally different product and a huge challenge, which we want to solve. If there any new information, be assured that backers will be the first to hear about it. For sure, this won’t be the reason for any further delay.

2) I’m moving home after June. What should I do? Where can I edit the address?
The editing option in the survey is still open and we will let you know when it will be closed. You can easily change your address. We suggest using the new address, because it’s better that the package waits for you than fails to turn up.

3) Where can I order Woolet?
At this moment we offer Woolet through Sneakpick and the Polish platform Designersko. Orders will be shipped after we manage those from Kickstarter.

4) Can I change the “woof woof” sound?
In the final version of the gadget you will be able to choose which sound to play from various options.

5) Is it true that Woolet cannot be charged by pressure? Do I have to order Woolet wireless charging?
Yes, it’s true. We tried hard, but unfortunately there is not an option to charge Woolet by pressure or heat. The only option is to use the wireless charging pad.



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