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Amazing things that happen when you learn to develop a product

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

Woolet is at your fingertips; it’s both lovely and smart at the same time. Every day, we look at it with the feeling that we were able to make our dreams come true. Early Bird backers will soon get their model, and we’re sure they will be proud of their purchase. The next part will be sent in August. We’re very sorry for keeping you waiting, but you’ll be just amazed with this product. And when you see it, you’ll get a feeling of fulfillment. Here is some useful Woolet battery information before your beloved gadget arrives.

We’ve completed Woolet battery testing – it will last for between four months and a year without charging. Then you will need to use the free wireless charging pad. Our workload has been heavy – some of us didn’t sleep at night – but it was worth it! The battery is a big success, and a simple calculation tells us it may work for almost 100 years. Wow! It’s incredible, don’t you think? Just imagine – in very old age you’ll be able to leave it to the next generation!

You might want to know why we decided to use this nice-looking wireless charging pad. Well, the battery is one of the most important components in Woolet gadgets. When we started the campaign, we had a wireless charging battery that we wanted to give in a beautiful design to a wider audience. Those of you who often lose things should have felt particularly relieved. Woolet was created to change your lifestyle for the better, or even more, for the best!


Okay, but let’s get serious. There’s no doubt that wireless charging is a big issue. The technology that we have shown you during the campaign is real. The problem is that it isn’t yet as effective as we wanted. The Woolet could have charged by itself, but only in a favourable environment. Those of you who carry a wallet in your pocket might have been happy with this solution. On the other hand, there will be many other backers who have different habits, and those of you who are likely to put your wallet into a bag or car, simply won’t be able to see how it works.

That’s why we decided to use a wireless charging pad. It’s a helpful, well-designed gadget, made from finest quality leather. It looks as beautiful as the rest of Woolet gadgets. It allows you to charge your Woolet anywhere you want to.

The wireless charging pad works on the Qi standard. A full charge takes about 2–3 hours. We believe that it’s the best possible solution to take care of your battery life. A shorter time is possible to maintain, but it would affect battery life.

To estimate how long it will work, we checked how much energy it needs, and calculated its life in comparison to a particular capacity. Of course, it’s lifetime may vary a little – it depends how often you use the gadget, speaker, etc. Every Woolet has a battery of storage capacity 150 mAh that can be charged. Keychain has two batteries in battery storage, which allows synchronization of wearables with the iPhone for a really long time. It’s amazing that the battery can last for so many years! This is a huge success for our engineers, and we would like to thank to all of them.



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