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Getting prepared for first shipments and…

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

With so many ideas and a limited number of days, we have a lot on our plate. This is exactly what we love! We can even say that we have been over the moon for few weeks. The creative process meets innovation, and Woolet is now being prepared for shipment.

Take a look at our lovely packages. In this simple, minimalistic form, you’ll find your beloved gadget. We hope you already know the shipments schedule, but, just in case, we would like to remind you of that all orders will be shipped in August.

Okay. We’ve already told you about Woolet, but there is still one missing part. Do you know what we’re talking about?

Yes, it’s the Woolet App. Clever you! We should probably have found a more difficult riddle.

The application has been uploaded to the App Store and is awaiting authorisation. It will take about 1.5–2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed and see how it works in the video below. We hope you’re gonna love it with all your heart.




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