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Hello everyone!

Long time – no see. But our absence has not been coincidental. Our main workforce was dedicated and focused on one goal: getting all the Woolet products shipped. We are very sorry for keeping you in the dark, but to be perfectly honest we have also been depending on outside sources. Everything was changing so fast that we couldn’t set the exact shipment date. Now, we are on the right track and trying to help you as much as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to answer to some questions that are frequently sent to our support team.



When will I get my Woolet? It’s been so long now!
Yes, we are totally aware of that. We asked you for a lot of patience and trust. We had a lot of logistical problems, which we had to overcome. There is no other explanation. For two months now our team’s priority has been to get all the Woolet products shipped. And we are very close to achieving that! We hope to send the last package by the end of February. Most of the Woolets have already been shipped, though. Check your e-mails – perhaps your tracking ID is already waiting there.

I contacted you recently via Kickstarter/e-mail/Facebook/Twitter and didn’t get any response.
The answer is basically the same as in the question above. We have been focusing on packing and shipping  Woolets to all our backers. We know that the lack of communication is a serious problem to everyone, but with the work force we had, we did what we thought was more important. Shipments had already been delayed, so we didn’t want to postpone the date even more. Right now, we are here for you again. Our support, Facebook and Kickstarter inboxes are full of messages from you. We will try to answer everybody, but it will take some time. We are very sorry for this situation, but hopefully you will try to understand.

My Woolet has arrived, but the charger was not in the package.
We didn’t forget about those! If you ordered one, your charging pad will arrive separately. They are being sent directly from the producer, that is why they were not inside the package. Don’t worry, it will take several months for your Woolet to discharge. The pad will surely arrive before that!

I already have a charging pad. Will Woolet work with it?
As long as it’s QI compatible it won’t be a problem




The app doesn’t synchronize with the Woolet.
There was a little bug in the mobile application, where sometimes it would get stuck on 99% and go no further. In fact, Woolet was already synchronized. We fixed that and right now this error should not occur. Try to download and install the app again. Then synchronize your devices one more time. If it still does not work, please let us know via private message on Facebook or write to

Can I block Woolet notifications while at home or work?
Yes, there is an option in the Woolet app which excludes your place from ongoing notification. Just go to your profile and give this location a name. For example: “Home”, “Work” and so on. You won’t be bothered each time you are away from your wallet as the app will remember the chosen Wi-Fi connection. Just take a look at the pictures below.

app    app2 

  app3    app4


I have a Windows Phone. Will Woolet support my operating system?
Our programmers are still working on the app for Windows Phones. As soon as they’ve finished we will let you know about it. The delay is connected with the new Windows 10 operating system. We have to check if the application is compatible with that version and fix any possible bugs.


If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding Woolet, please let us know via private message on Facebook or e-mail: Your valuable opinions give us hints on how to upgrade our Woolet ecosystem.




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