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Bug fix in Woolet Android App

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on


Thanks to our wonderful users, we have recently been able to fix synchronization problem between the Woolet electronics and Android smartphones. Here’s what you need to know about this!

As we informed you before there was a major firmware update for the Woolet’s electronics. The sensor in the electronics has its own software which allows it to work and connect with the mobile application. The firmware update made the connection easier, faster and more stable.

We tested it on lots of devices, but there are so many smartphones right now, that we couldn’t possibly check them all. Luckily, our tech-loving users reported to us that on some devices there was a bug which made it impossible to automatically update your firmware via the Woolet App for Android. Apparently an error occurred and the update could not be completed.

Our programmers worked on it and found a solution and the Android App update is already on Google Play. Now, no error should occur! Remember that after the app update it is advisable to turn the Bluetooth and Internet connections on and off, as well as the app itself. Moreover, make sure that Woolet is charged!


You can check out some screen shots below:










So we decided, as a token of appreciation to our users, for every piece of  feedback that is useful to upgrade and develop Woolet products, we will provide you with a gift: a Woolet RFiD Blocker. So if you find any bug or, error, or have a really awesome idea or solution, write to with the subject: USER FEEDBACK and our support and technical teams will contact you as soon as possible. We are grateful for all the tips we get from you and we would love to do everything we can to make you satisfied with our products.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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