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Eco Woolet: the perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians

A smart Eco Woolet for modern people who care about the environment.


At Woolet our philosophy is to always deliver a product based on constructive feedback from our clients in order to improve the Woolet family. During the Kickstarter campaign we received a lots questions regarding the possibility of creating a non-leather Woolet. We couldn’t say no, could we? Learn more about the Eco Woolet!



The Eco Woolet is no different from the classic version as far as design and electronics are concerned: it’s equally slim, smart and multifunctional. So what we’ve got are four credit card slots (each fits one card), one larger card slot (fits up to six cards) and one hidden pocket (which can also be used as a coin pocket).

The main difference? The material used. Both black and brown version are entirely hand-crafted from eco-materials. Instead of natural leather we have used the synthetic “vegan leather”. You don’t have to worry about quality, though. We have tested the resistance and durability of the synthetic leather used, and we can assure you that it won’t wear out or get easily damaged. Remember, that no animals (or humans, by the way :) ) were hurt during Woolet production.


How does it work?

The Eco Woolet connects to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with iPhones (4S and later versions) and Android Phones (Bluetooth 4.0 versions). The only requirement is the Woolet App, compatible with either iOS or Android, which you can download for free from the AppStore or Google Play.

If you care about the environment, the vegan Woolet is definitely the perfect choice for you! There are two versions available in our online Woolet Shop: the Black Eco Woolet and the Brown Eco Woolet. Which one do you like better?



If you’re interested in other Woolet products and you would like to have your own eco-version, please write to, and we will see what we can do! 






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