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Firmware update – connect faster!

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

firmware update

After major software updates for iOS and Android, it’s time for an update for the Woolet electronics. 

A few weeks ago we informed you about updates of the Woolet App for both iOS and Android. You can read more about what’s new HERE.

We thought that fixing the app was not enough. To ensure that everything works smoothly, our programmers have developed an update for the firmware; that is, the Woolet electronics tile itself. The update will be introduced as a Woolet App feature between 20 and 26 June.


What’s new?

As you might expect, the Woolet’s heart is the electronics inside it. Without it Woolet could not be  tracked. The sensor also has its own software which allows it to work and connect with the mobile application. Changes in the Woolet App for iOS and Android inspired us to work towards a perfect connection between Woolet and the smartphone.
The new firmware update will make the connection easier, faster and even more stable. This will definitely help to fix the problem of unwanted notifications!

Note, that the firmware update is not mandatory. If you do not update your electronics, Woolet and the mobile app will still be able to connect, as they do. We advise updating it, though, as you will surely gain better connectivity and synchronization.


How do I do that?

We have prepared a video, to show you how to update your Woolet firmware. You will be notified via pop-up on your Woolet App, so don’t worry, you will just need to follow the instructions there.



If you have any questions regarding the firmware update or the Woolet products in general, please contact us via Woolet Chat or We would be more than happy to provide you with any information needed!



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