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Everything you need to know about the updated Woolet App

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

  In this entry you will learn more about the Woolet App, with all features gathered in one place. With the premiere of Woolet 2.0 (Have you got yours yet, btw? No? Then go to the Woolet Shop and get yours now!), we have also upgraded the functionality of the Woolet App. Some of the old functions have been replaced by new, more user-friendly ones, some functions have been improved, and a few have been added in response to popular demand. Now, we would like to set out all the features of the Woolet App so you can easily learn what our mobile application can actually do. Features of the mobile Woolet App: Simply log in to the app with...


Woolet 2.0 for Android and update for iOS app

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

There are big, big changes in the Woolet Apps, both for Android and iOS! Check out what’s new.   At the end of October we were looking for beta testers for both the iOS app update and the brand-new feature, Lost&Found. We were very happy with the feedback our users provided us! Now, we’re able to say that the work is complete, and we’re ready to show you what we’ve prepared with the help of the beta testers team.   Woolet 2.0 for Android There’s a huge change to the Android app! Due to the new features, we’ve decided to create a brand new app: Woolet 2.0. So, apart from the previous functions, we’ve introduced the following: A new feature:...


iOS update: we’re looking for beta testers!

Posted by Aleksandra Dabrowska on

  After a lot of feedback from iOS users, we have prepared an update fixing all reported bugs. We need your help with testing it! The release of iPhone 7 and Apple introducing the new operating system, iOS 10, affected Bluetooth connections, and consequently a lot of mobile apps which require Bluetooth synchronization faced some errors. Among them was, the Woolet App. Luckily, our iOS users informed us about the synchronization problems. Our programmers have been working on a new Woolet App update, and we think they have already fixed all reported bugs. To verify that, we need your help. We have already tested the new version of the app on various iOS phones, and it worked flawlessly, but to...

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