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Why do you need a smart wallet?

Have you heard about smart wallets? They are modern versions of classic wallets but equipped with electronics which keep you out of various dangers. How do they work, and why you should have your own smart wallet?

Get to know five reasons why your life with a smart wallet will be easier!

1. You will never lose your wallet again

Each Woolet has a location system connected to a convenient application on your smartphone. When you leave your wallet behind, you'll receive a message on your phone telling you your Woolet is out of reach. Thanks to this solution, you will never leave your wallet in a cafe or at work. What's more, your new smart wallet is compatible with Android and iOS so you can integrate it with your phone in just a few minutes!

2. You'll always find it quickly

Are you one of those people who often put things in random places and then has a problem finding them? If so, you certainly know how difficult it is to find a wallet hidden under a pillow or in one of the 10 pockets of the jacket you just hung in the closet. Fortunately, you can always call your wallet! Thanks to this function you will hear a sound that will help you find it. Smart wallet is the end of time-consuming, nervous searches.


Woolet- The Slim, Secure Wallet for the Man's Man from Woolet Co on Vimeo.


3. In a smart wallet, your money is safe

A smart wallet (like Woolet Classic 2.0) is a modern wallet with a special protective coating that blocks RFID signals. Using it, your ATM card and other cards containing your personal data are protected against being scanned by a potential thief. What does this mean? With a smart wallet you are extremely safe, and your money is well protected.


4. It’s big enough and adapted to your needs

When selecting your new smart wallet, you can choose a model that suits your individual needs. The choice is really big! At your disposal are vertical and horizontal wallets in various shapes and sizes. Do you dream of a model that will be small and fit in your pocket? Or maybe you travel a lot and want your wallet to be a holder for your passport at the same time? No matter what you need, you can choose a smart wallet that's the way you want it!

5. It is stylish and original

A smart wallet like Woolet is stylish and classy. It is well designed, made of high-quality materials and carefully finished. It is available in various colours, so you can fit it to your individual style. If you are interested in vegan wallets we have got something special for you - Vegan Woolet! With Woolet, you’ll see that a smart wallet is not only a practical tool but also a fashion accessory that emphasizes your personality!

Bet on safety and convenience

When you carry a smart Woolet with you, you do not have to worry about losing it or anybody stealing it – it's convenience, a sense of security and modernity in one. All you need to do is integrate it with your mobile phone, and you will be able to track your wallet in a few seconds! Is that too much for you? Create your own, practical set, and choose interesting accessories for your wallet, such as a notepad or a multitool, which will fit in your Woolet without any problem!




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