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Classic 2.0 + QI Charger Colour:

$ 129.00

Our products are entirely hand-made by the skilled craftsmen, that’s why every piece is unique and may differ slightly from the sample in the picture.
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  • wireless charging
  • alarm (movement detector)
  • anti-theft + anti-lose
  • social search
  • italian leather
Watch 1 minute video
No more losing
your wallet
Receive notifications on your phone every time Woolet is out of
reach and detect its last-seen location
No more searching
for ages
Call your Woolet and trigger a sound alarm
to find it quicker
Use the Woolet Community
to find your wallet
The whole community of Woolet application users will help
locating your lost or stolen wallet
THE WOOLET APP That’s what makes Woolet smart
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Last-seen location on the map
  • Wallet navigation
  • Notifications when out of reach
  • Calling the wallet or tracker
  • Quiet Zones
  • Crowd GPS
Download the Woolet App for Android or iOS.
It is, and always will be FREE of charge!
THE UNDETECTABLE ELECTRONICS The Woolet electronic panel is almost invisible. It does not make the wallet bulky and it cannot be detected under the layer of material
  • Rechargeable on QI-compatible pads
  • Can’t be removed
  • Only 1mm thick
  • No bulkiness
  • Protected by HIPS
  • Colour:
    Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Cognac
  • Stitching:
    Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Cognac
  • Material:
    100% full-grain, Italian leather
  • Size:
    125 × 87 × 9.9 mm (4.9 × 3.4 × 0.38 inches)
  • Banknote pocket:
    230 × 78mm (9 × 3 inches)
  • Credit card slots:
    5 (up to 10 cards)
  • Woolet Classic 2.0
  • QI-compatible charging pad
  • USB-microUSB cable
  • User’s manual
  • Connectivity:
    Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Compatibility:
    iPhone 4S and later, Bluetooth 4.0 Android phone
  • Range:
    up to 60 metres (250 feet)
  • Battery Life:
    up to 6 months + recharging ability
  • Battery Type:
    Li-on rechargeable battery (150 mAh)
  • Charging:
    wireless charging pads (QI compatible)
  • Full Charging Cycle
    3–4 hours
  • Processor
    ARM Cortex-M0
  • Sound:
    built-in ringer
  • Integrated ElectronicsInvisible battery sewn inside the wallet.
    Classic 1.0
    Classic 2.0
  • Anti-theft and anti-lose system (protection through the mobile app)
  • Social search (you will be notified once your lost item appears
    near any Woolet's app user)
  • Wireless charging(Qi standard)
  • Alarm(movement detector)
  • Italian leather(the highest quality on the market)
  • LED flashlight(bright diode that allows you to find the wallet)
  • Selfie remote(press wallet to take a picture with your phone)
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