Smart Wallets: What to Know About Your New Favorite Gadget

MAY 14, 2021
5 min

Smart wallets are much like a regular wallet in the sense that they carry cards, money, change, and other cards. However, a smart wallet is connected to a cellular device, usually through Bluetooth, and helps to keep tabs its whereabouts. They are especially helpful for those who are forgetful and tend to leave their wallet at home, or worse, have a tendency to lose their wallets while they are out and about.

Usually, the contents of your wallet tend to be incredibly valuable – cash, credit cards, your license, insurance information. This is not the kind of stuff that you would want in the wrong hands, which is why a trackable wallet can be a much more reassuring option with respect to traditional wallets. While all smart wallets offer some form of GPS tracking, there are many different brands to choose from that each offers its own unique features.

Choosing a smart wallet can be challenging, but only because there are so many different brands to choose from! The best way to choose is to understand the many different features offered with trackable wallets. Knowing what these features are and how they can benefit your daily life will give you the best idea of which smart wallet is the one for you!

Smart Wallet Features

RFID Blocking

RFID, or radio frequency identification, chips are meant to make our lives easier and more convenient by providing quick and easy identification. The only problem is that these chips don’t come with an off button, which leaves your information vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Many smart wallets include RFID blocking to protect the electronic information stored on your cards. This is an especially important feature found in trackable wallets as it shields your personal and valuable information from electronic pickpocketers. Thieves use RFID readers to transmit certain kinds of information from your cards and can use this to steal your identity or even make purchases without having the physical card. Having a wallet that protects your identity is absolutely necessary in today’s world.

Electronic Payment

As we move away from handling cash and metal coins, various forms of electronic payment are becoming the new norm – and for good reason, money is very dirty. Some smart wallets have the capability to store not only your physical cards but also electronic payment information. Certain trackable wallets allow you to save your cards virtually within the wallet under the protection of a password. When the time comes to make a purchase, users can pay by transmitting a wireless signal to the payment terminal. This touchless payment feature is especially useful in current times when the use of high-contact objects are becoming less tolerable among large groups of people.

Alert Systems

There are only a few things that really make our stomachs drop when we can’t find them. (By the way, we wrote a nice article in case you lost your wallet). Our iPhones, our keys, and our wallets. Losing any one of these items can cause much more than a headache. This is the problem that created the emergence of smart wallets! All smart wallets come with some form of tracking to ensure that the user does not stray too far from their belongings. The way these wallets alert their owner if they’ve strayed too far differs. Some alert the user through an audible alert such as beeping. Others will send a notification to the corresponding app on a smartphone. These alerts are one of the main purposes for any smart wallet, as it protects the owner from losing some of their most valuable possessions.

Premium Added Touches

To stand out from the pack, many smart wallet companies have integrated special touches on their wallets. Some brands use premium, long-lasting leather. Others have increased the size of the wallet to allow for the user to carry their passport or other larger items. Some of the more sophisticated wallets require a fingerprint to open its contents. Even though the biometric security system is incredibly protective, you’ll need to make sure that your wallet has a charge, otherwise, it will not open. For those particularly worried about their wallet being stolen, one brand even offers a camera that will automatically take three pictures of the person who tries to open the wallet, uploading them to your account so you can alert the authorities.

Now that you know more, it’s time to choose the perfect smart wallet…

Smart wallets are the future of how we handle our cash, cards, and important identification documents. With so many added security features, it hard to deny the necessity of having a wallet that does not let you move too far away from it, while also protecting your personal electronic information. As you’ve seen from the features above, there are many brands offering unique and impressive features – everything from biometric security to woofing when you move too far away from your wallet, yes you read that right it barks.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a smart wallet is functionality. How well does this wallet fit into your daily life? Does it match your style? Is it offering all of the protection you need to keep your belongings safe? Functionality is especially important because it affects your life on a daily basis.

A great brand that we recommend to those looking for a new smart wallet is Woolet.  Woolet offers many incredible features to keep your personal information safe, close, and easily stored. This very slim smart wallet boasts a self-charging feature, two-way security for your phone (no leaving that behind, either), and can make the perfect gift to a loved one – and of course, yourself!

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