Woolet Howl 3.0 GPS Manual - how setup GPS Wallet

January 13, 2021
2 min


The wallet comes with built-in charger, so you can use any QI charger (same for your iPhone and Android ones) and put on it. If you don’t have one, you can purchase at our shop with a discount of -20% STAY-HOME

Once is ready, go to the app installation

  • Download the “Tail it” app from App Store or Google Play
  • Scan IMEI code from the sticker that comes with the Wallet with camera function in-app.
  • See the updated location of the device on the map.

Activation SIM-card

A SIM card is inserted inside the tracker. This must be activated before the device can be used. This is done by visiting reg.tailit.com

When you go to reg.tailit.com, you choose which product you have bought and fill out the information form.

After you have completed the entire registration, you will receive a message saying that you have completed the activation of the SIM card. Then your SIM card is activated and ready for use. You will also receive login details for the control panel. In the control panel, you can pause/stop the subscription, check payments, and more.

Now comes the cool stuff..

Share devise with other users

Now you’ve added your device, and then you can share this code with someone else if you want more people to add the device to their app.

In order for someone else to add the device to the app, follow the same recipe as this, and enter this code as they receive from you when they are notified.

You can also share the device by swiping left on the device on the home screen of devices. Then click the “Share” button. In the next step, you can share the device with your friends, or you can generate a code to share with other users that are not your friends in the app.

When you have added the device, you will get to the home screen of “Devices” and can start tracking it.

Update position and edit device

To update the position on the tracker, click the “update position” button on the bottom of the screen. The position will be updated within 30 seconds. You can see that the device is updating the location on the spinning wheels. You can also see how the device updated its position. It will say either LBS, GPS, or WiFi.

To turn on live tracking, you need to click the map icon on the right to get inside the map. When you are inside the map, you can turn on live tracking by pressing the icon, shown below. Here you can also see that device is updating location by watching the spinning wheel.

To make changes to your device or to add more people who can see the device, first tap the three dots on the right side, then click on “edit”

Inside the screen where you can change your device, you can rename it, change the image, see how much remaining battery there is on the tracker and you can see which other users also have access to the tracker.

To delete a device, drag the device to the left on the home screen. Then there is a delete button, which you simply press and delete the device. If you are Admin using the device, it will also be deleted from the others who have access to the device when you delete it.

To enter the map to see where your device is located, tap the map icon on the right side, or you can go to the main map, and enable “Devices”, then the devices will also be seen in the main map.

Important tips

Localization indoor. As you probably know, GPS only works outside, where the GPS satellites have a connection to the device. It does not go through walls, unfortunately. However, our device also uses WiFi to send a position when it’s inside. So it reads the position of the MAC address on the router (does not need to be connected) to send its position.

Buzzer inside/Bluetooth communication. Today’s trackers don’t have Bluetooth, though the light/sound feature should work just fine. You control it on the map, by clicking the menu in the bottom right corner and enabling/disabling sound/light.

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